Vision of Escaflowne

I would recommend this anime to anyone. In fact, this anime is really easy to get & watch. Also, the ending leaves you with such a happy feeling.

Well, you might wanna know what it's about first, huh? This girl, Hitomi (top left in sd-format) is a track runner from Earth (yeah, where else) who can read tarot cards and tell fortunes. Around the beginning, while she starts running, she envisions herself somewhere else (this happens twice), a very depressing atmosphere. The second time this happens, she runs into Van (top right), who slays a dragon, and they both get transported into Gaea (the other Earth supposedly behind the moon made by the "winged people"), and thus...a story.

The art and graphics make Escaflowne exceptionally good. Not to mention, Escaflowne has an awesome soundtrack (Hitomi sings well!!!).

If you really wanna watch it, ask me, cause I've got "connections" or go rent it at Planet Anime.




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