This is Miki Koishikawa, from Marmalade Boy, a really cute, yet very complex anime about a high school student and the kooky things she goes through.

It's so crazy in the beginning because her parents decide to swap partners with another couple (parents of Yuu). Miki thinks that her family is very strange for even thinking about doing this, explaining all of this in her diary (similar to the "notebooks" in middle school…REMEMBER?!?). Well, she eventually gets used to this, but has the biggest crush on Yuu.

Ok, I don't want to spoil anything else for this story, because I'm not good at explaining, and if you hear it from me, you're most likely gonna get uninterested. Anyways, I recommend this to EVERYONE who even bothered to read this through. It's really worth it (well…the first 26 episodes). If any of you (who personally know me) want to watch it, and this is your first time you're interested in anime, feel free to call me!

One thing about Marmalade Boy, most of the things that happens in the story do not happen in reality. A thing I couldn't help noticing was when 3 girls are gossiping about Miki, RIGHT BEHIND her. And when they mention a "wrong" rumor, Miki turns around and corrects them. How many times have you actually wanted to talk about a person, LITERALLY BEHIND their back? Blah!!!


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