These are either sites I know off the top of my head, or sites that I obtained from ICQ. If you would like me to link you, just e-mail me, and I'll CONSIDER it! (; Yeah yeah...EVERYONE's accepted just as long as there ain't no bad stuff. Sorry if I left you off before! Careless me! (; Allen Wang's awesome site. come check it out!'s confusing to blah at first. Christine and her many pictures and Notre Dome blah's! (; Aiyah! Good info site on past school events and current Christian followers! Come see the babe! (; And join the "Loser Club" while you're at it! Lee Wild Card can only explain... Strawberries and pictures of ppl...and a picture of one of her future boyfriends. This is Kevin's ghetto homepage. And I mean ghetto, he says so himself. Anyways, him and Allen got some songs going on, so if you really wanna hear how they you rEALly want to hear them, go there and check out their2Far page. (; don't say I didn't warn you. jk!


Misc. Web pages!!! This is the "Official 'Unofficial' Roundhouse Web Page! Roundhouse was one of my ALL TIME favorite tv shows during the late 80's. It was a funny comedy show, kinda like SNL, but aimed for children. This is the best Care Bear Site I've been to so far, and I've been to a ton of them (you know me). Anyways, if you don't know who the Care Bears are WAY LOST my sister/brother/man/woman. If you want to buy a Care Bear, or just wanna go shopping online, I STRONGLY recommend you buying there. I've gotten 3 AWEsome Care Bears and 1 Baby Tee there!!! Go there!!!