Kodomo no Omocha

Hee!!! Hee!!! If you're looking for a wacky anime with a girl who's ultra hyper, than you HAVE TO see this anime. Sana has a very unique lifestyle, and if I were to explain it on here, you would be extremely confused. I can say one thing though, this is kind of like a younger version of Marmalade Boy (maybe even better) mixed in with a bunch of original ideas! I really like this show, even though I've seen the first 8 episodes. Some animes come and go, but this one is a classic!


Oh yeah, some notes on Kodocha (that's the shortened name). Some of my intellectual friends believe that the things Sana and Hayama (main characters) do are quite intimate and improper for 6th graders to do. Perhaps if you look at it from a certain direction…yes, but compared to the '90 middle school friends in America, their "affection" seems quite innocent. I also think that the "perverted" scenes are harmless as long as it adds humor to the story and they don't go too far. I also think that it's perfectly fine for two good friends to sleep together in the same room (as long as they aren't horny, which is not common during 6th grade (correct me if I'm wrong)). They're relationship reminds me of Dawson and Joey, from Dawson's Creek. Hm…maybe I've been brainwashed by tv. However, these are just my opinions, I hope they don't stop you from watching the anime.






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