Hello! My name is Karen Chang.

Yeah...I think everyone knows that (an anonymous bystander)

Ok, anyways, I am surprised that you're interested in what kind of person I am. Gee!!! It's people like you that make my day.

Shut up, get on with it!


OK. I was born in Bartlesville, OK, but my parents are both Taiwanese. Make sure you remember Taiwanese, not Chinese. Perhaps they're the same, but with all that's happening...I dunno. Click here for more info: http://www.utexas.edu/students/tsa/faq_atr.html (jump to the * )

Anyways, besides the fact that I am Taiwanese, I am left handed, short, and was born in Bartlesville...ooh...I already said that! (; Just wanted to make sure ya'll knew that!

My life actually started when I was quite young, around 5 maybe. That's when I decided to take violin lessons, ballet, and gymnastics. I also became a Girl Scout Daisy. Shortly thereafter, I quit gymnastics, and took up piano lessons. Then I quit violin, quit ballet, became a Brownie, and decided to start running a business with my friend. We ran a cartoon drawing/copying business, where my friend would draw pictures that I would copy and put in plastic blah. That didn't last for very long (my friend lost all his pictures that he drew). Man, then I still was the slacker that I am, and I wonder how I still managed to get in the top classes. Anyways, around 4th grade, I decided to take violin lessons again and quit Girl Scouts. 5th grade, I decided to take voice lessons (from my piano teacher), and because of that, I became part of a small community production called "The Hobbit". 6th grade, I moved to Sugar Land, TX.

Sugar Land...well, all I can say is that I wasn't as active as I was before. I tried taking up piano lessons, but I could never find the right teacher. Anyways...my life in Sugar Land was a blur, and I did this and that and ended up here in Austin, TX. I can't exactly think up any good blah for ya'll for now, besides the fact that me and my best buddy (Elmo) have the bestests of friends for at least 6 years now. We're gonna prove to the world just how some friendships were SO meant to be, and last until they can't! (; NEVER EBER!!! Hee!!!


Here are the pics you've been waiting for!!!

- Andrew And Some Rat!!! -

- Computer Class -

- Wendy And Food -

- Hyena -

- Highland Park -

- Huong And Her Sister -

- Leebo And Karen -

- Lions Sleeping -

- Locker -

- Monasi And Karen -

- Orange County Convention Center -

- Saturday Fellowship -

- Simon Peace -

- Wonder Works -

- Yvonne With Wings -


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