Fushigi Yuugi

I really enjoyed this anime!!! Awe!!! I can't stop thinking about even after I watched it last week. Really, even though some of the characters remind me of some characters from other anime.

Ok, I've had some major complaints from my buds about the contents of this rather peculiar anime series. I particularily questioned the brief yet disturbing scenes of "impurity". Also, similar to "The Fifth Element" (which I still love despite it's errors), the main enemy leader is pure evil, even though they try to make him appear decent in the end. Yes, this anime series does have a lot of misleading ideas and perceptions, however, I enjoyed the main storyline and the way the characters were drawn, and that counts somewhere along the line...right? I mean, who can't help wishing that there was a real Tamahome or Hotohori around kicking the "people who treat you badly"'s butts.

I recommend this to viewers over the age of 16 who are mature enough not to laugh when the word "penis" is said. Of course, I agree that this is also not an anime for everyone, some of you may be offended by the themes they supported. Well, anyone who enjoys romance found in different ways, besides reading those steamy romance novels, watch this instead. Don't believe everything you see though.


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