Picture Comments!

- Andrew And Some Rat!!! -
This is during Prograd, a picture of Mr. Aiyoh (wearing his "Don't touch" hat...is that a bagel?) and his faithful companion, Somrat <--"Some Rat" HE is, didn't even sign my yearbook like he promised!!!

- Computer Class -
Yes...one terrible year, our Computer teacher quit teaching the class after one semester, and we were left with a sub who shoulda taught at "Hightower"!!! Ha...ok. Sorry Bon, the film was TOTALLY screwed up, it's a mixture of two scenes if you can see. Bon is the one in the back with some weird lines going through her...SHE'S INVISIBLE!!! I'm wearing the Limited Too green shirt (don't EVER change in their "see-through" dressing rooms), and that's Ms. Overaged Pandalover (you're not 18 yet) behind me !

- Wendy And Food -
Wendow and her countless cravings for a little something more...what better way to end the year than with half a gallon of milk and cookies. (; Keep up the eating MIT girl.

- Hyena -
Awe...ain't that just a cUTe picture of (is this how you spell it?) the hayena me and GeeNaCHo encountered on our expedition through the Sahara? They such adorable creatures!!!

- Highland Park -
Yeah, a picture of (from left to right) the sombeel sisters, Angle-A, and Me! I'm sticking out my tongue oKay...my teeth are not red, and those are glasses, not some screwed up animal!!!

- Huong And Her Sister -
Don't their self-portraits look blah'ish? I shoulda done one too. Oh well...yeah...the stuff on the table are some nasty nachos they forced some of us to eat when all the goodies ran out...Pro-Grad.

- Leebo And Karen -
That's me and my super "cheesy" smile, with Leebo-Lu-La and her scrunchie bracelet fashion. I don't know what kinda perverts are out there, but that's a butterful on my head!

- Lions Sleeping -
AWE!!! It was the perfect Kodak moment!!! Who could resist? This is another one of the pictures me and GeeNaCHo got from that Sahara trip. For more info, call "Ju" at 1-800-94673-4-8 (HEE!!! Don't call that number...just "digits")

- Locker -
That's my old high school locker I shared with Hu-Hong..."=sniff=" I sure do miss them good ole days.

- Monasi And Karen -
A typical "grab and take photo" we managed to sneak in before the film ran out!

- Orange County Convention Center -
The pic of Hu-Hong, GeeNaCHo, and ScEEnDo is not all that clear, but the scenic view...eh...besides the Omni...is really pretty!!!

- Saturday Fellowship -
Hey ya'll!!! Scmile for the camera!!! Not too bright for ya' guys...is it?! This is a picture of Saturday YAF'er's caroling in front of my house! It was a WONDERFUL performance.

- Simon Peace -
Peace...thought I might as well show the pic of SiWong...aka Bon Bonne's Blah! The balloon hat, according to my sources, was found unattended on the ground...eWE.

- Wonder Works -
No, we did not turn the building up-side down...it was like that. And this is another FL trip photo! I can't name all the ppl...cause I can't tell who some of them are...but it's a great photo..don't you think?

- Yvonne With Wings -
Why not end graduation with a little pair of wings. Bon Bonne wore the first pair...before she was "cloned" by other wannabe's! Ain't she a babe? Too bad she's taken...of course, thanX to me...partially...! (;

If any of ya'll have photos that you would like me to comment on, or you would like me to display, contact me VIA e-mail or however you usually contact me! I've got more coming...so...be checking often!


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