Last modified September 30th, 1999


September 30th, 1999

Have you ever been SO INCREDIBLY bored that you check to see if your computer actually can take the Y2K problems? I mean, it's a silly thing to question that the abilities of my computer will suddenly stop working after December 31st, 1999. I think I have reasons not to worry because my computer is pretty new, and not an old clunker like those other ancient machines. I've updated my mp3 list, so go take a look, and I've added some mp3's too. Hm...that's weird...last time I checked my counter, it was at 800 something...why aren't ya'll signing my guestbook?!?! You'll make an Asian girl very happy! I am eager to know who visits my page.

September 6th, 1999

Greetings all who care to visit my page. I have finally decided to stop being lazy and update my page. Hm...I'm guessing that at this rate, my page will be updated monthly or something like that. Right now, I am working on some new songs to put on this page...songs made up by me for entertainment purposes only. If you didn't know, I'm the type of person who enjoys singing...related to one of my lifetime goals. If you haven't, you can download the recording I did for someone's birthday. That song really isn't much, because I did it one night when I was bored, but it's definately a starter, and NOT the last one I'll make (better quality of course). For now, I'm trying to come up with different chords on the songs I have in mind, but until I finish, enjoy the rest of what I have. Pictures...they'll be up...SOMETIME, I recently received a scanner, so they'll be here sometime for sure! (; SIGN MY GUESTBOOK!!!

July 28th, 1999

Hello once again! I dunno what's up with you people who don't sign the guestbook, but I guess it's not all that important ); NEWaZ, school is starting in about 3 more weeks, so I want to wish each and every one of ya'll luck. May you have a great year, and I look forward in hearing from you during the fall. If any of ya'll are still wondering, UT is the place to be! Hee! OK, now updates on my page will be more frequent because I've received more "stuff" to put on my page. They will be up next week, so all you faithful visitors should come then! Also, just wanted to say to all you foreigners out there, welcome to Blah's homepage...the senseless page about Blah!

July 22nd, 1999

Heh! Heh!!! Sorry for the LONG pause, I just went through two weeks of blah! School is occupying most of my time now, and I don't think it'll be long before I scream from the stress! Though...I DID go to the Lillith Fair on Tuesday over here...if any of ya'll have ever been to Enron's almost the same! ); For now, I'll continue changing my page once in a while...for those of you who are REALLY nice and come see what's new on my page. I don't understand one thing though...if at least 30 different people have already seen my page...why do I have 18 entries in my guestbook? Grr!!! TOns of Urr Grr Burgers once I find you bandits! Hee!!! Alrighty then, if any of ya'll go on IRC, my name has changed to KCClassic! Come join the fun in #Bomberman! Uh...well...that's it for now...I guess!


July 6th, 1999

You know what?!?! I was just searching on the internet for some information about those Girl Talk books (the ones we used to read in middle school) and there are ABSOLUTELY NONE! There are plenty on The Babysitter's Club Series and the Sweet Valley Twins, but NONE on Girl Talk...I REALLY liked those books, my favorite character was Katie. Ok, some of ya'll are like..."who?" These books were published by Western Publishings a couple years ago, and are out-of-print now. I used to have them come in the mail, but my mother cancelled them after I got up to book #18. Anyways, I many of ya'll have seen the Girl Talk books and know what I'm talking about? Well, if you haven't, that's ok...they're just a BIG part of me since I grew up with them...nostalgia...I'm guessing. Anyways, just thought that it might be of interest to ya'll. Keep checking back to the cool person's page for better updates!


Me and my daily attire, I'm a t-shirt jeans kinda girl! Hee hee!!!