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A list of DVDs Angel and I have bought.

New for 07/22/2003! Some pictures of my brother's kids.

New for 06/26/2003! More pics from my friend in Israel

New for 03/31/2002! Yeah, been a while since I had anything to add ^_^.

New for 12/12/2000!

New for 08/29/2000!

New for 07/02/2000!

Click here for intro lines of Darkwing Duck
Click here for list of episodes of Darkwing Duck

Hey, I've finally added some pictures of myself and house. I'll add captions later.

PC050086.JPG    PC050087.JPG
PC050088.JPG    PC050089.JPG
PC050090.JPG    PC050091.JPG
PC050092.JPG    PC050093.JPG
PC050094.JPG    PC050095.JPG
PC050096.JPG    PC050097.JPG
PC050099.JPG    PC050100.JPG
PC050101.JPG    PC050102.JPG
PC050103.JPG    PC050104.JPG
PC050105.JPG    PC050106.JPG
PC050107.JPG    PC050108.JPG

Hey Heroes of Might and Magic fans!
Download this HOMM3 that's based upon a classic map from HOMM2
Seven Lakes
Download an edit of sevenlakes. Orange and purple are now always warriors and the six "ring" towns are random.
New Seven Lakes
Patch your win 9x from 1.0 to 1.3

You can reach me by email at godom@twinbee.com

Some guy named N0rthstar (RHAHAHA) and his g/f
Here's another look
N0rthstar's passport photo
Dee was here