ATARI 7800 - Picture Gallery

Here it is, a closeup of, IMHO, one of the best consoles of the past. Unfortunately Atari always had a problem in saving cash to advertise it's products, that's why it's not so popular like the 2600/NES/SNES and others. That's the reason why I knew of it for just months and not for years. One of the best things about it is, that it has a complete 2600 built in, so it play's nearly 99% of the 2600 carts. This was the main reason for me to get it.

This shows the 7800 with joysticks. AFAIK the first models where shipped with joysticks.

And this shows it with gamepads. AFAIK the later models where shipped with that.

This is the front of the system. There you can see the joystick-ports for each player and, IMHO, the difficulty switch for each player. 'IMHO' because I dont have a system manual but I guess they're the same switches as on the 2600.

The rear view. Closeups and description below.

This is the left side of the rear view. It shows the power connector. Its a square 2 pin jack with a "nose". The 7800 uses the same current as the 2600, so if you don't have a 7800 power supply but a 2600 one, you can solder the 2600 PS to the 7800, but be careful. DO NOT SWAP +/-. It converts your 7800 into a disco smokemachine.

This is the right side of the rear view. Here you can see the TV-out plug and left of it the channel switch. Its a simple cinch jack to TV cable as used on the Commodore 64. If you didn't got a cable with your system, like me, you can use the C64 cable if you have one, as I do.

Thanks again to JAWA, ye ole spellchecker. :)